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What is an off-grid solar power system?
An off-grid solar power system operates independently of the grid. It provides your electricity needs from solar panels, inverter, and a battery system.
Large battery banks are required for good energy storage in an off-grid solar power setup, and you may want to have a backup generator in case your battery storage runs out over long periods of poor weather. Victron is a well recognised and respected brand that we recommend for off-grid installations. Most of our products come with a 10-year warranty, ensuring the highest quality and dependability for your solar power source. 
Why get an off-grid solar power system?
Whether you choose to go off-grid with a solar power system, or you don't have access to the grid so need a reliable off-grid system for their power, Total Solar can help.
There is an initial cost upfront to installing solar power systems but once installed, it instantly starts generating electricity from the solar panels, and storing it in solar batteries. From lighting and appliances to your phone or laptop chargers, anything that would be powered by grid energy can be powered by solar energy. Please note that with an off-grid system, you aren't able to sell excess energy back to the grid. We look at all your lifestyle power needs and customise an off-grid solar power system that meets these requirements. Our aim is to ensure you get the system that works not only for now but in the future so we take the time to get it right.
Innovative and smart, Victron off-grid systems stand out from the crowd
Victron Energy has been manufacturing power conversion equipment since the 1970s and is renowned in more recent years for producing reliable and smart off-grid battery inverter chargers and a huge range of high quality and affordable solar controllers. 
These systems have many benefits including being able to start the generator automatically at a certain battery charge level. The online portal gives access to a wide range of information and also allows the installer to make remote changes. While It is mainly for off-grid, a Victron system can also be installed as a hybrid residential solar system.

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Our in-house installation team are specialists at installing solar power systems, we stand by our workmanship, and offer future maintenance assistance as required. Contact the specialist team at Total Solar today to discuss your off-grid needs.

App makes it easy to monitor your energy usage

Utilise the app to monitor your energy usage of solar power. This can assist with controlling how much power you use and when you use it. Talk to us to find out more.
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Off-grid solutions from Auckland's trusted solar installers - Total Solar

Total Solar offers top quality and robust off-grid solar power systems. Our bespoke set-ups are customised to ensure we get the right solution for a reliable power supply that fits with your requirements. Whether you have a tiny home in a remote location, or a rural property without easy access to the power grid, Total Solar are the business to call for off-grid solar power systems. 

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Your one stop for advice, installation and a full suite of solar products for your total solar power solution
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